14TH MAY 2022

A busy one!

We have had yet another busy busy weekend here at the balloon lady, with 4 set ups over the weekend! We can only show one of our pieces here so we thought we would show you our new light up numbers we have to hire.



Our Set Ups of the weekend!

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. We had a great one where we have done two lovely set ups in Spalding and Peterborough (yes we do cover the area!) 

We did one of our sailboard displays which can be seen on the front page. This was for a Gender Reveal. 

Our 2nd set up was a hoop for a Christening. The customer sent us a photo which we used for inspiration. 




21st April 2022

Hi everyone
Just an update for you all,
as of tomorrow we will be changing the way we take payments. We will now be offering a payment service over the telephone where you can pay by card instead of having to do a Bank Transfer. This is a very safe way for us to operate and provides you with an immediate receipt to either your phone or email.
We have been in talks with Natwest over the last few weeks and are trialing their new "tyl" system which is a card machine and payment system all in one. Its very technical so I will need a few days to get everything running smoothly!
You will be able to
Make payments over the phone
Make payments in person when collecting from my address
Make payments by card on delivery
Make payments by a link sent to your email address
You can pay with any debit or credit card. We will also be accepting American Express.
What's everyone's thoughts of running this way rather than having to pay via Bank Transfer? I know some people find this a pain,